What Are the Benefits of Joining the Industry Council?

  • Collaborate on IP
  • Recruit and place world-class UF students
  • Access to unique UF facilities through research collaboration
  • Partner on proposals for national, state and locally funded projects:
    • HiPerGator AI Supercomputer
    • I-STREETTM Living Lab
  • Enhance your visibility as a partner and supporter
  • Join us in special webinars, events, and talk


By joining UFTI’s Industry Partnership program, your company’s contribution supports the work we do in Florida and beyond. Funds raised through partner contributions are used to support student scholarships and fellowships, independent research, technology development, and innovation in transportation.

Tiered Partnership Model

Tier 1: ($5,000)

  • Access to student symposia;
  • Administrative support for job and internship postings;
  • Day(s) on campus for presentations to students and faculty for hiring or partnerships;
  • Recognized as sponsor on UFTI’s website, bi-monthly newsletter, annual report and more.

Tier 2: ($15,000)

  • Invited to faculty lab retreat for half day for deeper engagement or partnership on specific projects or subjects;
  • Faculty researcher(s) to guest speak at corporate location to private audience;
  • Sponsorship of one student project related to preferred subject matter;
  • Guest presentation from your company for classes on appropriate subjects.

Tier 3: ($50,000)

  • Named graduate award sponsoring one graduate student;
  • Corporate sabbatical for researchers on campus (with added project costs);
  • Preferred access to collaborative testing and data collection at the
    I-STREETTM Living Lab;
  • Curated datasets;
  • 20% discount on McTrans and T2 courses;
  • Other predetermined collaborative agreements as applicable (project-related or directed funding.)

Corporate Board

  • Advise researchers on industry needs in transportation;
  • Collaborate and network with faculty, students and peer board members;
  • Identify individuals to represent companies with subject matter expertise and/or decision-making responsibilities;
  • Attend two annual meetings of the UFTI Industry Council;
  • Be invited to sponsor UFTI presence at symposia, conferences and summits;
  • Be invited to additional, exclusive Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering events.

Program Contacts

Nicholas Cole
Director of Development
Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

Lily Elefteriadou, Ph.D.
UFTI Director, Barbara Goldsby Professor of Civil Engineering

Jennifer Gomez
UFTI Administrative Support Assistant II